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Hello. Bought a 2007 G6 GT 2 weeks ago and been lurking for about that long. I drive about 90 miles to work each day from PA to NYC, odometer is at 35k. I got a decent price and didn't want to spend too much more for the other cars I had in mind. Impala, Caliber, Charger AWD or Impreza.

I have a list of things I want to change or just understand better.

- WeatherTech doesn't make guards for the coupe, I couldn't find it anyway.
Is there another brand that is inline and not using adhesive?
If I plan to maybe paint them body color would it matter clear or smoke color?

- Smoke vinyl for the tail and front light. Will these hold up in winter driving?

- I have a Monsoon system, but this doesn't mean I have XM ready?
I already have a lifetime for Sirius.
I basically want a Sirius Tuner, iPod, AUX and maybe blue-tooth upgrades.
What are my options, I got lost searching.

Besides that I need to plug 4 license plate holes, remove some badges, buy locking lug nuts, tint and install a cut off switch for the fuel pump.

I would also want to try and paint for the first time.
Side mirrors to match body, front grills maybe white for some reason, the silver G6 door sill plate.
I have considered a full interior trim kit for a color change, most likely blue or red.

I am thinking maybe a low profile spoiler is on the list.

If anyone can do a VIS check fro me I am curious to see, let me know.

Really like the the car and nice to be here. That is it for now. JP

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Electric Blue Metallic is AWESOME!!!!

Weathertech...aahhh....is that Mudguards?

Vinyl is vinyl....depends

It looks like an XM ready radio....but I see no XM antenna...
I thought all GT's came with that. hhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
So you may need a FM aftermarket unless you want to add
an 08-09 radio, the XM module and antenna then program it
& contact Sirus about the programming. Im not sure about how
that would work. I know they merged but.....It may be easier to
get an aftermarket FM Sirus adapter.

Painting side mirrors is cool. I recommend you get the GM recessed grills. You can paint those and they will look awesome. Im not sold on silver but its your car.

Spoilers for coupes are limited. MPD has one for coupes that sounds like what you are looking for: http://www.mpd1.com/content/pontiac_couperear.html

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Nice car!!

Interesting.. I thought all GTs came with an aux and satellite (which I do not see on your car). I had a GT and they did, which is why I think that.

In any case, those are just minor details that you can fix later on. Nice purchase! :D

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Yeah the color is very nice, it drew me to test drive it. Thanx!

I want rain guards that I can paint (may not) and that do not use adhesive. WeatherTech doesn't make them for the coupe.

Good info for the radio. I am thinking of just adding an iPod and AUX ports. It only cycles through AM FM/FM2, I would imagine it is XM capable but just doesn't have the module like waterfowlers. Your right though Lampoon, that option doesn't seem worth investment or time. Ill have to start a search for the best iPod and AUX options next.

The white recessed grills sound nice also. I saw a thread somewhere titled something like "Mini Coupe-rized" but can't find it. It had a black or blue G6 with white grills and I liked the look.

So now I have been looking at vinyl and a tint spray for the tail/headlights.
I just want some tint in them and without having to dismantle it to paint them but also hold up and retain light output. Asking too much?

I do like that MPD spoiler, thank you.

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Sweet 6! I really like that blue. There is also a spoiler from California Custom that I went with, you can see pics of it in my gallery. Finding the window guards maybe difficult for the coupe becasue of the indexing windows, but I have not done much looking for them.
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