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for loudness you REALLY CANT beat a real air horn ie one with 2 or three METAL chimes and an air tank/150psi compressor etc......... also, then you could just put a quick connect on the tank and carry a small air hose and be able to fill up your tires whenever need be from your own on board air supply....... im not sure exactly how loud the actual air horn kits are but just think about how far away you can hear an actual train horn lol, the tracks are 5 miles from my house and you can still hear then if u are outside and listening............im sure its not gonna be quite that lod cuz trains have a lot higher volume of air going to the horn but about the same pressure..........

a 2 or 3 chime horn is what i have been wanting for a while and theres kits for around 2-300, i have looked at my 6er a while back and think i could fit at least a gallon air tank on either side of the spair tire well between the back fender liner and bumper, and i think if i get the right size chime set i can fit it on the passenger side where the intake resonator goes, if not the battery could always be relocated to the trunk and the horn mounted in its place..........

one thing to keep in mind if you do get an actual air horn is ou want METAL horns (louder than same thing in plastic) and the longer the trumpet the lower the tone.........shorter higher the tone

unfortunatley i cant remember what the measurements were but i think it was anything 14" or shorter length for the horn a nd like 6" for height and width will fit where the intake resonator was, you would have to measure to make sure.........
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