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I have been reading through all the posts on how to install an aux input. There's fm modulators and other adaptor boxes but I am wondering, why can't we just plug our input straight into our stereo?
I just bought a 2006 G6 about 2 months ago. The stereo is Delphi Delco p/n 28016922. It has both the 24 pin and 12 pin connector and also has both the band and source buttons. So from what I read I'm pretty sure I can successfully wire in an aux input.
The pinout from the 12 pin connector is as follows(got if from Delphi Delco today):
A - aux mon mute
B - nc
c - aux st common
d - l aux in
e - r aux in
f - aux st shield

g - aux st shield
h - r aux in
j - l aux in
k - aux st com
l - aux mon -
m - aux mon +

So I bought a 1/8" stereo jack and I plan on soldering some wires onto it and wiring it into pins c, d, e(common being the audio return I'm guessing).
I don't really know if that is going to work. Has anybody tried this already? I think one of the aux in's must be for onstar and the other must be for xm. I also think that aux mon +/- must be data bus wires to interface to onstar.
How do I activate the xm input? Do one of the pins need to be wired to ground?

I would appreciate any help and maybe we can all have awesome tunes and save money in the future. Thanks.
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