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Hey guys,
I just got rid of my 94' saturn SL2 1.9L 4cyl (got $1900 for the leather and options on a bluebook of $700) for my 2007 G6 Sedan 4 Banger.

I bought it from a consignment dealer, his client was upside down on his loan 13,000 so just wanted to pay off the balance of the loan so for 13,428 after tax I have my first "brand new" car ever :)

Lemme know if there are other CO drivers around here, I've read a lot of posts to learn about the G6 before my decision and I've noticed a lot of Canadian's, and few 4 bangers, I was lookin for a V6 but my budget isn't huge so when I saw the opportunity to save like $5,000 by not buying an 05/06 I had to take it, plus I've always had a 4cyl and love the gas mileage especially at $2.90 for 87 octane.

P.S. Can 4 Bangers use 85 safely? I always have in my old saturn (got 31 city, 36 highway)

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