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I just found this site yesterday and I’m loving it. It’s nice to see others who share my enthusiasm for the G6 😂
I have a 2009.5 sedan I picked up in Florida. My brother lives down there and found me a great deal when I got tired of my Impala. So I made the trip from West Virginia and it was worth it. An older gentleman owned it, and bought it brand new from the dealership he worked at. It was a typical grandpa car but I’ve made some improvements to it.
My next project is painting the brake calipers. Any tips/ suggestions? Do you recommend removing them or just masking and covering up to protect from overspray? I’ve watched a handful of videos and I’ve seen people do either method. Just wondering which would be better 🙂


I’ve attached a picture from the day I picked it up in Florida and now 🙂


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