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Morning all fellow G6 owners. I purchased my 06 sedan w 3.5 last June as a off rental with 32 000 k. Love the car as I have been a GM fan. Past cars 76 Sunbird V6- 88 Firefly Turbo, 91 Sunbird 3.1V6, 98 olds intrigue, now my G6. Have always liked GM cars but they have not been without their problems. I am a firm believer in buying North American. My two problems with my G6 now that I am at 55 000K have been with a steering pop fixed by a new steering shaft and the latest still not found or fixed is a slight rattle in the front end while at low speed over bumps, more so when cold. Dealer is working on problem but have not been able to reproduce noise. Good thing I purchased warranty to 140k. Cheers all!
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