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I love my new car...It's awesome...I am proud to say that this will be my first American car.....Although a lot of American cars have foreign parts under the hood. I am 24 yrs old. My first car was a 2000-2002 mazda protege...the transmission was the first thing to go...My second car was a 1998 nissan maxima...no complaints there...The maxima is a sweet car no matter was year you get. However, it was time for an upgrade...I decided to test drive a G6...I was speechless after I floored the pedal...lol....I will add some pictures later on...It is
all black 2006 G6 GT
tinted windows
interior black leather
mp3 aux outlet (will be installed later)
17 inch chrome rims
what more can i say
29 hwy mpg
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