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Hey gang,

I got me a 2006 GTP coupe rather impulsively last week. 6 speed, loaded, with 51,000 miles. Paid $11k which seemed like about the best deal I could find and being a 6 speed only added to it's appeal.

My background: Owned only Pontiacs and Dodges (Mostly trucks) so the appeal came naturally. I have in my stable right now a 2005 Dodge Ram Power Wagon (the MPG is why I needed this car), a 1988 Trans Am GTA, a 1980 RamCharger, and a now-for-sale-to-make-room 1993 Dodge Stealth R/T Twin Turbo.

My first car was a Pontiac Fiero and I briefly had a Pontiac Sunfire. Also a couple of other Dodge trucks.

Add the wife's 2004 Grand Am GT and the garage went overnight from Dodge to Pontiac!

So far so good with the car, I have noticed a couple of small things and searched a little on her without much avail. The rear-passenger speaker seems to rattle (the dealer cleverly had the stereo fade moved all the way to the front) and a little lumpy vibration at idle when sitting still. Not sure if either of these are common or easy to diagnose (really don't want to start pulling speakers already). Planned to hook up my OBD2 and see what the idle is doing.

That's all for now, looking forward to some free time to detail her and really make her shine!



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