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I just bought a 2007 Convertible G6 with 3500 miles, heated leather seats, Monsoon stereo, etc. I feel I got a good deal at $16,000 (hopefully so). I was in the market for a Equinox or similar but absolutely fell in love with the G6. I have always wanted a convertible. Plus my two daughters (13 and 19) love it too. My husband said I need to put different rims on but I have no idea if I will or not. Just thought I would introduce myself.

On another note...is it normal for the doors to rattle some on a bumpy road when the top is down or should I take it in?

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Take it in....if your under warranty use it all you can as it will soon run out!!

What color is it?
Pretty impressive that it only had 3500 miles. Hopefully gently driven

Rattles do crop up with the top down but it's probably good to have it checked out.

What color?
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Warranty is out. The previous owner was an older couple that thought they wanted a convertible but never really drove it. It is bright red with black interior.
welcome aboard!
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Welcome.....you probably could have gotten it cheaper considering it is an 07, but awesome mileage.
Thanks for all the welcomes. I did look around at other cities up to four hours away and found similar 07 but without the leather, and higher mileage and they were all wanting around $18000. Maybe they're just higher where I live. Plus there weren't very many available.
I bought my 09 new for 18,900...but then again its not convertible or leather....it had like 8 miles...haha. Either way....have fun!!
Like your rims. I'm thinking of changing mine. I checked NADA and I got it for just above wholesale. Yours sounds like a great deal...and low low low miles. Don't you just love that new car smell without paying new car price?
Thanks, changing your wheels and tires can give your car a nice look. I bought my car brand new at tge dealership but i guess thats just pricing around here.
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