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Great to own another Pontiac. Just picked up a 2008 G6 V6 4 door sedan, 71,000 miles, for my daughter, who failed to change the oil in her 2004 Grand Am. I have a 2006 Grand Prix and a 1999 GA with 293K on it, running strong. Always have been a Chevy/Pontiac guy, but recently strayed to BMW :eek:

But I have the following problems with the new wheels:

1. Immediately after bringing home, noticed interior lighting (dome and over the mirror lamps) does not work, including the trunk light. Found replacing the fuse at the passenger foot area blows immediately so I know there must be a short somewhere. Anyone see this?

2. Days after bringing her home, my daughter said the keyless remote entry fob no longer worked. There were two fobs sold with the vehicle, and I immediately stored the 2nd so that fob wasn't being used. I tested both, and both did not work. So I doubt it is a failure at the fob. What do I need to do to make these work again? There is a fuse for KRE in the trunk, but it is ok.

3. TPMS: When purchased, the Tire Pressure Monitoring System did work. It displayed LF 35 PSI 35 RF and LR 35 PSI 35 RR. Today it shows LF -- PSI -- RF and LR -- PSI -- RR. Read the instructions and looks like you have to "learn" the TPMS sensors using the KRE fob, which I spoke of above doesn't work. The Owners Manual instructions explain Learn without a fob, but the instructions mention simultaneously pressing the INFO and SET/RESET buttons. Well there isn't a SET/RESET button. So I can't get it into the Learn mode.

4. F-A-F: Not even before making the first payment, my daughter picked up a huge screw in her new rubber. She used Fix-a-Flat to keep her going. I took it to Firestone, who said the F-A-F ruined the TPMS sensor. Any experience here?

5. OT but related: Firestone wouldn't even fix the new tire. Goodyear easily did, and said Firestone just wanted to sell a tire. Too bad because every car I own, including my BMW I used Firestone within the last year. Not sure I'm going back there now.

6. Battery connection: Less than one week of ownership, my daughter called me and said her G6 wouldn't start at school. I called the dealer who got me to Roadside Assistance. Turned out the battery post wire was plenty corroded, I noticed this at time of purchase, and I noticed also that the wires did not appear to be original, might have been a red flag huh? After Roadside Assistance jumped the car, she took it to Autozone, who replaced the wire connector to the post, and cleaned the corrosion, all for $3.00. I do have a pretty daughter. ;)

Anyway, I've always said buying a used car is like rolling dice. I hope it provides my daughter with many years of service, like my 1999 Grand Am which I am nearing 300K all my own miles as the original owner, just breaking it in today! :D I love the forums for the help found here, and interesting stories especially found in my BMW forum. Thanks for reading!

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Welcome! Bummer about all those problems with the G6. I would suggest spending some time tracing all the wires going to and from the battery, And around the engine compartment. Make sure all the grounds are nice and clean and tight, As well as the connections on the starter an into the fusebox and fuseable link. Just follow the wires around. Make sure all those connections are nice and clean and secure. With that done it may be a good idea to go around some ares with some Dielectric grease.

It may be a good idea to get some electronic terminal cleaner and with the battery disconnected clean the connectors on the BCM and then put some of the grease in there to keep them clean. (there have been common issues with those connectors getting dirty, it may not solve any of your problems but it may help down the road) There's a video on youtube of someone doing something similar to the BCM on a G6. I'm sure you can find it.

I can believe the FAF ruined the TPMS. I don't know for sure, but you can get a replacement TPMS installed and just relearn it and it should be good.

There is a way to relearn the Key Fob for the car, however I don't know if it requires a dealer to use a computer, or if you can do it yourself. It's something worth researching though.

That is weird about the fuse blowing, maybe something is wedged into a light socket? I'm not sure what else is on that circuit.

Hopefully this info helps.

Try making a post in the "Problems and Solutions" thread some people that like to post there are extremely helpful in helping to diagnose problems
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