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Finally after 6 months of my audio equipment laying around, it got installed.:D:D The stock deck got swapped for a Sony GT710 headunit. The speaker output I put through the low level outputs on the deck so it wouldn't mess up the stock amp(Monsoon). When I change tracks though, there would be a pop sound but that was remedied via a ground loop isolator. Also I interfaced the steering wheel controls to work with the deck by using the Pacific Audio module. It works very well.

The next thing I set up was my sub. It's a JL Audio W7 Sub powered by an Xtant 1000.1 amp(Both given to me by my cousin). When the volume is up about 4/5 of the way, I notice that sub "clips", I don't know if that is normal though. I may need to get a new amp?:confused:

Anyways I'll get some pics up soon, tell me what you think.
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