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New to G6, but not new to Pontiac.

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Never really posted here, but I've been part of the forums for a while. Never really had a big reason to post. But now I do. I heard they made a car that paired the 3900 with the 6 speed and I couldn't believe it. They told me the G6 had it so I did a search and came up with this one. They had trouble selling this car, so I got this car for a steal. 31,000 miles and I paid 10,600.

The color is blue-gold crystal metallic. It is silver with a blue pearl. In the sun you would think it's almost baby blue.

And a couple pics of my Grand Am.

Its no longer turbo'd, but here it is when it was.

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Welcome!! nice 6 and really nice grand am... the last pic looks like your towing that....um whatever that is.
Thanks, lol. Def not towing it, I think they were cooking in that thing. I showed up late to a car show and that was the only spot left.
That's one BA GA, can't wait to see what you do to your 6
Blue Gold.....GT didnt come with a 3.9.
Dont think it came with the monero seats or the manual either....
Does it have an imprint on the seats?
Is it an 07?

Its got the dual out exhaust but not the correct tips.....hhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Your car has been adjusted....but it sure looks good!!

Can I see the wheels it came with? Any side shots?

I think its a GTP....??
It is a 2007 GT, Nothing should have been touched. It was a one owner vehicle and he leased it, so he would have had to pay if he modified it. There is no imprint on the seats. And from what I have read, in 2006 this car would have been called a GTP, but since in 2007 they put the 3.6 liter in the gtp they made this car a Gt. I'll get a side picture today, but from what I have seen it's what everyone calls the 18 inch GTP 5 spoke wheels.

So I don't think it has been touched from the factory, but I really have no idea. I don't know much about G6's yet.
GT's didnt have dual outs. Dont think the GT's came with the Monero seats...
Are your wheels 18"?

The GT in 07 had a 3.5.

The 6 speed manual was the GTP option.

2.77 axel is also GTP.....you might wanna check that.

3.9 was offered in the GT class only as a convertible....(to my knowledge).

Im not saying its not stock. Ive just never seen it that way.
Then again you couldnt order an electric blue convertible yet I have seen one.

So sometimes they do strange things.....then again.....I learn something new everyday here lately! lol

Can you PM me the Vin???
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