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Hello everyone! I just bought wifey a 2010 G6 yesterday.. It wasn't the first choice for a new car but it surprise us a lot... Its the 2.4 sedan so itll be great for the fuel consumption..I am an avid import lover...Mitsubishi Evo (not Honda :barf:)....but this G6 shocked the hell out of us. I dont plan on doin alot to it like my other vehicles but am interested in finding out alot of information on what can be done but still maintain that nice stock, sleeper look and still be very fuel efficient. I belong to a few other forums so I'm familiar with with this scene... Over the next few weeks I plan on getting very familiar with the car inside and out first before i go modding it slightly...Im not a genius when it comes to cars but I am mechanically inclined a bit lol Ill be happy to share my knowledge as well as learn from yall....

Heres Pics from the dealership

Heres a link to my photo album on my Evo conversion project... (sorry you need a Facebook to see it) for you guys to see what I'm use to and am capable of doing lol
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