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I bought a 2006 G6 GTP for my son and there are a coupld of issues:

1) Remote fobs don't work - I tried reprogramming them and got the unlock to work on one and the lock to work on the other...going to take it to a dealership to have them programmed.

2) Door lock/unlock switches don't work...not sure what the issues could be here, since the remote lock/unlock works with the key fobs I'm guessing that its a fuse or switch issue? Anyone have experience here?

3) Because of #1, I have no idea if the remote start works or not...time will tell

4) Battery drain overnight, from what I've read on here, that's either a battery or a alternator issue...either way its around $130 and some DIY time in the garage

5) Power rear view mirror switch only works when pushed left...not sure what the issue is there...bad switch? The motor works but will only move the mirrors to the left (no right, up or down).

Overall I really like the car and the "reveal" to my son is tonight...hope he likes it too.

Any comments/assistance on the items above is appreciated! Thanks and I'm glad to be a member.
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