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Hey all, My name is Jason and I'm from NY. I have a 2009 G6 as my dailly commuter. My baby is a 98 GTP that sits in the garage away from the evils that are winter! LOL

Anywho, I only have a 4 banger in the G6, any mods I can do?????? I would love to be pointed in the right direction!!


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Watch out for this guy - nothing but trouble on clubgp, arranging mod days and helping out way too much :eek:!

Oh and welcome to the, uh, lighter side, you and your lavender G6 :bravo:

p.s. I don't think the CRAB intake fits the 2.4, but the GT-R exhaust would certainly make an interesting addition :D Plus there's all manner o' appearance stuff floating around...
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