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Newb from Ohio looking to buy

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Hey all, I am looking at buying an 06 GTP coupe in the next month or two.....What should I be looking for? Where do these cars break? What goes wrong over time? What kind of real world fuel economy do you get? How does the 3.9 run in comparison to the 3.8 Pontiac used to have? Thanks in advance for your answers!!!!!!:)
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I have a 06 coupe and haven't really had any problems, I’ve replaced my front brakes and clutch (due to a slave cylinder malfunction), and that's about all. I’m the second owner bought the car with 32k now have 56k. I would stay away from 6 disc and panoramic sunroof. The intermediate shaft is known to make a clunking sound, which a dealership can take care of by shooting more grease in; it’s not a big deal. I have had many 3.8L so I can compare pretty well. The differences between the two is one is a 60 degree v6 and the other is a 90 degree v6. There not technically related but I will say they both are tested and true. Very reliable, there is obviously a lot more room to mod on a 3.8 because of the aftermarket that’s out there. I have a 2001 grand prix gtp coupe as well. Depending on what kind of car you’re coming from I think you’d be very happy with this car. It makes power all through and is usually a complete sleeper. I can’t really say what an automatic is like, because I have the 6 speed manual, which I will highly recommend!!!! So much fun!!!! Before this car and in addition to the gp gtp I have had a modded gp gt, and a cobalt ss/sc. I use 93 oct in mine because I seem to get better mileage, but it’s not mandatory. I get roughly 26 in town if not better and 32 on the highway! Know you posted this a little while ago but I thought I’d post anyway!!!Good luck
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