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I know these questions have probably been asked about a thousand times but I'm gonna do it anyway. Got myself a 2008 G6 GT Coupe about 5 months ago and really like the style of it. From the leather seats to the MONSOON, its a pretty sweet ride. Got one problem though, my WIFE's Mazda 6S eats it up in pretty much every performance category I can think of. It's better off the line, handling and definitely in top end. Stupid thing shuts off around 110. The Mazda has a 3.0 v6 versus my 3.5 VVT. I'm kinda old school and used to believe in the saying " No replacement for displacement. " Guess now it's no replacement for the damn computer. Now to the point, who makes a good cold air intake, chip, and exhaust for this vehicle which is obviously being choked by the computer? Not looking to get too extreme, I've got a big block Trans Am for that. This is my daily driver and just looking for a little more kick. Would really like some information on the suspension also. The stock feel is somewhat soft. Maybe even a body kit since I'll have to change the rear valance to make room for dual exhaust anyway.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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