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Buick61 said:

Two weeks ago I bought a black '06 G6 GTP Sedan with the 6-speed manual. It has every option available (except the engine block heater...don't need that on Long Island).

I have about 515 miles on it. The panaromic roof looks sharp. But if you ask me, it lets in too much wind noise when closed and it creaks/rattles a touch more than I'd like.

Other than that, the car is great. I do miss the 300C I traded in for it though. It was faster, RWD, had a better sound system, did not have any rattles, and I just flat out liked the looks.

But the G6 is a nice compromise (I needed something more fuel efficient and more adept at city parking). The manual makes it very entertaining, and the XM and Onstar are fun gadgets.

Issues: Sometimes it keeps cranking even after the car has started (no, I'm not holding the key over to "start"). And the powersteering system shudders occasionally at low-speed.

...oh, almost forgot. WELCOME, Buick61. i guarantee that you'll enjoy the website, or my name isn't BRAD PITT!!!!!! wait, if i'm brad pitt, why in the hell would i leave Jennifer Aniston???? what an idiot!!!! jen, PLEASE, will you take me back????? angelina wants me to drink blood, or something....
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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