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Hey folks!

I'm the new guy. My Name is Matt. I'm from Rochester NY and live on Conesus Lake. I am very sad to let my 05 Chrysler 300C go. That 400 hp 4 door sedan was a beast and It was heavily modified from the help from the 300c forum I was a member for six years. I now drive a 07 G6 GT Coupe. 57k :)

It has the 3.5. No offense but its kinda slow to what I'm use to. I'm sure it won't stay stock for long.:D I am looking for help on what mods work best hp wise. Also any visual add on's. I will be very active here and will help any members to the best of my ability. What should I look out for on these cars???

Attached are some pic's

Excited to meet you all! Matt


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