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I signed up on here about 3 weeks ago I guess but I haven't been on much yet. I have had my 2008 g6 3.5 L for about a month now. I have two cars that I work on so the g6 is slowly getting done but its getting there. I have the calipers done, I also smoked out my 3 tailights but I don't have those pics uploaded yet so I guess more to come. I am ordering halo's in the next couple days for the headlights and I should have it completley tinted soon so lots going on! :cool:


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Welcome! I'm sure you will get many ideas from here! Are you going to do anything performance wise?
Hey well I am lookin around at stuff, thinkin about doin a cold air and lowering it about an inch. Depends on money cause the ta needs tranny work and other stuff done. Still exploring performance ideas for the g6 so spill any suggestions plZzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!
Congrats on your new ride, goes nicely with the TA! As for the performance ideas: for the intake (make your own, CRABS, K&N's Typhoon, or Injen to name a few), tune, and exhaust (gt-r, mangnaflow, GM Performance, or custom). That pretty much wraps up your getty up and go options other than park it and drive the TA!
You should do a cold air intake for sure! I would suggest a CRAB (http://www.crabintakes.com/index.html) - Lampoon makes these just for our car. His name is Robert and he is a great guy. I just got mine today and installing tomorrow or Friday. There are many reviews on these. If your not interested in that than do a K&N Typoon. I would only go with these two brands. Lastly, remove your resonator. You don't need it.

You could do exhaust but I would go with the GT-R (http://www.classic4performance.com/index.html) or a custom. If you get a custom I would recommend using magnaflow. But that is me. However, this is the only thing I don't have done yet. I'm still debating. And you already have dual exhaust. So no need to buy the new valance and such. You could go buy a local shop and see what they can do for you. I don't want mine to sound all riced out and such. I want it to be nice and sound like a G35 or so.

You could go with a strut bar. (http://racinglineperformance.com/shop/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=25&idcategory=17)

Goodluck and look around. There is a lot to do to these cars. Let us know your progress!
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Thanks for the info! I will def look into all that!
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