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well i guess ill start my own thread. have a 07 g6 didn't take pictures of when i bought the car but everyone knows what a stock one is. only thing i have done so far is put the tints on(15%) all the way around and i just got done painting the engine cover.. i will upload that pic now i guess but i am going to drive around and find a good spot to take a pic of the whole car and you will get to see the work in progress. i am a broke unemployed joker right now so who knows when i will get to do more upgrades...hopefully soon


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looks good...cant wait to see more pics
Just got done taking some pics will upload when I get home
here are a few pics took off the pontiac and gm badges going to take off the Pontiac and g6 as well from the trunk haven't gotten around to it. was thinking of painting the recessed grills blue


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nice ride, you will have to post some pics if you do the recessed grills, I know what it's like to be broke, I'm going to college soon so I sadly can't really do anything besides paint haha
Welcome to the site! I am in the unemployment line and taking college courses, so I understand the pain of a very limited budget! Have fun with it though!

i just curbed my rim today and not very happy see my mad face :mad: *shaking my angry fist at the moron who stoped in the middle of the road*!!!!!!! guess its time to sand it and fix it up. needs a good cleaning anyway.
Ouch......Nice looking G6!! Whats next? Besides a rim that is.... :rolleyes:
upcoming ideas

paint...paint.....and some more paint......lol but really painting the battery cover and the recessed grills and possibly the calipers was thinking of doing the LED strip under the light like this one here after those navigations system i guess
That sucks about your rim...but i guess its better than hitting the car.
newbie...i threw some of those LED's on my bottom grill and spliced them into my fog lights and took the fog lights out so now the switch only controls the LED's. i get lots of compliments and looks man and it took me 25 - 30 bucks and maybe an hour of my time...(mostly for those stubborn headlights to come out). also i debadged the whole back besides the dart and ordered overlays for the front and back dart. just another 21 bucks altogether. Try some of those cheap DIY easy mods
yeah i debadged the back except the GT may take that off too .... just wasn't sure if i wanted it completely blank back there. like a naked ass. anyway i was planning on doing the led under the headligts with the blinker relay.(its somewhere in this forum) also right now i am making a fiberglass box for the trunk. taking pictures and going to post a how to. thinking of getting the overlays for the front and on the steering wheel but not sure what color i want to go with because i have the tan cloth interior..... i think i may have to do some complete interior work to get it looking cohesive. i would really like to redo it in some white leather or something but that is not in the budget just quite yet... heading to hobby lobby to get some more plaster..ran out.
i got the CF overlays and they look pretty sick...and i do have a naked ass ha but the CF goes with my niteshades taillights so it flows
nice ride, you will have to post some pics if you do the recessed grills, I know what it's like to be broke, I'm going to college soon so I sadly can't really do anything besides paint.
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