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Nice Weather = Happy New Yorker!

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Well, against my better judgement I put my rims back on... Figured why not, but I used to have a bra on the front and figured I'd leave it off for the most part unless long drives are going to happen. Let me know what you guys think of it with out the bra! As far as the rims go, I have 50 garages to put it in if it snows (run a storage facility haha) and I paid for performance all season tires so they can handle at least some snow, got a good coat of wax on the rims so unless we get pounded with snow I should be all good, oh yeah.. also have the girlfriends car to drive hehehe!


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I don't like black rims on any car, but the G6 looks good; I do like that color a good deal.

How nice it must be to have a garage to park your car in in the winter!
The wheels aren't bad, they look decent on a red car. Lose the window vent visors.
If you had your car lowered those wheels may flow with your car but over all looks good...
I think it looks great. And congrats on G6 of the Week! :)
Thanks for the honor.. mucho thanks!! Also, hopefully the car will be lowered March 1 (weather and money permitting hehe) will def post pics asap!
18's, I went with a 40 series tire because they are the brand I wanted but a 45 would have been better.... The rides not bad at all!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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