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I just put a 75 shot of nitrous on my 06 G6 V6.
with the biggest jets it is supposed to give 75 more horsepower.
To me it only feels like I am gaining about 20.
I think I may be running the wrong fuel jet, does anyone know what the stock pump puts out for pressure?

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if you are smart about nitrous it can be safe, well as safe as it can be... hahaa

DO NOT GO LEAN!!!! i would recomend that you drop one or two heat ranges colder on the plugs, run 93 octane and use a window switch. that way you are going to limit the possibilities for predetination.

a lean engine is a hot engine so lean is BAD you are going to need to get it tuned and richen it up.

there i someone who had nitrous on his G6 and has not had problems yet but nitrous should not be used all teh time.

oh and i go to plainfield all the time... where abouts are you? i am in Aurora/Naperville
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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