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I just put a 75 shot of nitrous on my 06 G6 V6.
with the biggest jets it is supposed to give 75 more horsepower.
To me it only feels like I am gaining about 20.
I think I may be running the wrong fuel jet, does anyone know what the stock pump puts out for pressure?

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Where you located, that was the first thing we did to the G6 we got was sprayed it and we did 75shot with no problems :) but we are at Denver Colorado....only thing is i didnt like is a wet kit on a MAF sometimes doesnt respond well :( on speed density cars they love spray and on MAF cars they love boost so that is where we are heading now is to boost :):D looks good!
No, its still running.
I havent filled the bottle in a while because I cant seem to keep my finger off the switch.
I have been going through a ten pound bottle with every tank of gas.

The engine does seem to to be a little louder lately, like you can hear the valve train rattling or something, but it's still going.
Man i was a nitrous junkie for the longest time! so bad that i am a vendor for NOS, Nitrious Express, Zex...etc i still have mad connections with them! I was going through 2 -10# bottles a night! ha ha ha

my problem was the bottle kept going empty so thats when i turned to forced induction then it was like nitrous on tap! ha ha ha

sounds like y ou are having fun!
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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