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I just put a 75 shot of nitrous on my 06 G6 V6.
with the biggest jets it is supposed to give 75 more horsepower.
To me it only feels like I am gaining about 20.
I think I may be running the wrong fuel jet, does anyone know what the stock pump puts out for pressure?

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Did you adjust your fuel curve accordingly before spraying???
I did not.
I have no idea how to do that.
I have never used nitrous before, and I know nothing about it.
I know with carburettor engines, you have to adjust your fuel curve to be on the lean side, i think. LOL. Easy enough on a carbed car, you just adjust your carb, BUT on an EFI engine it will require a tune. With a shot that small you probably shouldn't have to worry about your engine internals, but i think a tune is definitely in the future.
Yeah, I thought I could just throw it on and gain 75hp, but I guess it isnt that simple.
I just wanted to let you guys know that got the nitrous all tuned in now, and it was well worth it. Even with mild jets, 24f and 36n, it makes a huge difference.
Up until now I have never spun a tire in this car. Now I can take off from a dead stop and hit the nitrous about halfway through first and the tires break loose.
I will take it to the track next week and see what it runs.
DON'T do that, N2o should only be used IN LAST GEAR AND WIDE OPEN THROTLE
Thats ok. I put nitrous on this car just to see how far I can push it before it gives out.
I have been through 3 10lb bottles already, and the car is still doing fine.
The only thing I have noticed is that when you are on the nitrous in 1st gear it doesnt want to shift into 2nd when it should. I have to let off the throttle and let it shift.
I bough a few new jets today, but the smallest one they had at the little speed shop down the street was a 64, which is way bigger than I should run.
I put in in anyway, but the bottle was empty again the when I tried to spray.

I will see what it does on monday when I get the bottle filled.
Yeah i don't want to see how this ends, hope you got money for when that sucker blows up, Hvae you changed any of your fulids? Have you gotten the right spark plugs? Where in IL are you?
I didn't do any of that stuff. I didnt even know you need to use different plugs with nitrous, I have never run it before. Are they supposed to be hotter or colder?
I dont think I will fix it if it blows up. I am about ready to start driving something else anyway.
This car is starting to grow on me but its just not very fast.
Maybe a G8 next.

I live in plainfield.
nos is only good when yoy have a properly built motor for it, You want some colder plugs with a smaller gap. When using nos you should also use a higher octane fuel i.e. 97 ocatne+. YOU SHOULD NOT USE ANY JET BIGGER THAN A 50 SHOT.

If you want power Do a cam swap,Get hearders & full exhaust, Get a pro tune. this will step up your power but no so much where you would grenade the the tramission.

How many miles do you have on the car? Swithc to royal purple or any other Full syntheic oil. Also do a tramission fuild change

List of 3400/3500 engine performance parts




The car has 45k miles on it.
I just put nitrous on this car as kind of a joke.
I just wanted to see the look on peoples face when I purged it at a light, or my friends faces when they go to throw their gym bags in the trunk and there is a bottle in there.
It has done it's job. It is fun, and it is quite a bit faster now.

I am about to move on now to a really fast car, I am building a factory five GTM this winter.

Were you saying I shouldnt run any more than a 50 horsepower shot, or a jet any bigger than a #50?
if you are smart about nitrous it can be safe, well as safe as it can be... hahaa

DO NOT GO LEAN!!!! i would recomend that you drop one or two heat ranges colder on the plugs, run 93 octane and use a window switch. that way you are going to limit the possibilities for predetination.

a lean engine is a hot engine so lean is BAD you are going to need to get it tuned and richen it up.

there i someone who had nitrous on his G6 and has not had problems yet but nitrous should not be used all teh time.

oh and i go to plainfield all the time... where abouts are you? i am in Aurora/Naperville

I have been running 93 octane, but I havent changed the plugs yet. I will get to it soon. I havent been driving that car the past few days anyway, the bottle is empty again and its no fun without it.
I live at the intersection of caton farm rd and rt. 59 in the brookside subdivision, but I dont spend much time in plainfield. I have a little car dealership in frankfort, and most of my time is spent there.
Did it blow? haven't heard from you in a while :D
No, its still running.
I havent filled the bottle in a while because I cant seem to keep my finger off the switch.
I have been going through a ten pound bottle with every tank of gas.

The engine does seem to to be a little louder lately, like you can hear the valve train rattling or something, but it's still going.
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