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I just put a 75 shot of nitrous on my 06 G6 V6.
with the biggest jets it is supposed to give 75 more horsepower.
To me it only feels like I am gaining about 20.
I think I may be running the wrong fuel jet, does anyone know what the stock pump puts out for pressure?

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DON'T do that, N2o should only be used IN LAST GEAR AND WIDE OPEN THROTLE
Yeah i don't want to see how this ends, hope you got money for when that sucker blows up, Hvae you changed any of your fulids? Have you gotten the right spark plugs? Where in IL are you?
nos is only good when yoy have a properly built motor for it, You want some colder plugs with a smaller gap. When using nos you should also use a higher octane fuel i.e. 97 ocatne+. YOU SHOULD NOT USE ANY JET BIGGER THAN A 50 SHOT.

If you want power Do a cam swap,Get hearders & full exhaust, Get a pro tune. this will step up your power but no so much where you would grenade the the tramission.

How many miles do you have on the car? Swithc to royal purple or any other Full syntheic oil. Also do a tramission fuild change

List of 3400/3500 engine performance parts



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50 hp. jet
Make sure you get those plugs!!, And tighten up the gap maybe close it a .05. N2O is okay, Only when you know what you are doing, And some of the post you have made say other wise, I'm curious, why are you trying to kill our car @ only 45k?
Did it blow? haven't heard from you in a while :D
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