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Nkow what ****ing suckS!

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i just a g6 on last thursaday stock model nothing fancy but i did get the windows tinted ,but something ****ing already went wrong in the front right tire area (virbration or something )but i got a warranty until 2009 so looks like ill be using that b#@h!
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I don't think that's anything to stress about. Being that you just bought it, all you have to do is take it right back and they should be able to fix it ASAP. Did you buy it used?

hey sup

i bouight it used but it only has 25k on it and inside and out looks emaculent so maybe its something stupid
You think it could be something with the brake system? or maybe it needs a wheel alignment?
ohh ok

its at the dealer today but ill find out soon and let you know was up.. pz
lmao... the vibrations would eventually go away even if you didnt get them balanced/ rotated. Sounds to me like the car you bought had been sitting in the same place on that car lot for a while. That would make the tire slightly deform from sitting in 1 spot, nothing major at all. I know Im late responding but just thought you should know what the problem most likely was.
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