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No Bass on right side -Tweeter works

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Hi, 2010 G6 - I have had it for 3 months. There is zero sound out of the back right speaker and only the tweeter works in the right door.

A) last guy blew out the speakers.
B) problem with wiring - 2015 Totaled - I bought it on Salvage Title - Deer hit front right.
C) Amp problem on right side bass channel.

Called a local guy: he thinks probably Amp. To find out it is $65 an hour. If Amp he could not fix it. Suggested the manufacturer/dealer look at it. [Dealer? No way]

What do you think? I have read a thread about all audio out on one side and an answer was to check for broken wiring at the door hinge. Think wear and tear could skip the tweeter? Though, that would not account for the back.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Addition: Just read about back speakers: I thought that they were just woofers, but, now see "4 wires for bass and for mid range". I get right side tweeter but zero out of right side rear.

Now more confused than ever.
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