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So today, my ABS light, Security light and Top Not Secured light came on out of nowhere whilst driving. Get into a parking lot, top and trunk buttons don't respond, so I kill the car to reset lights and it won't restart for like 5-10 minutes.
I finally get it to restart after seeing the battery voltage is about 11.8, and travel the 4 minutes down the road to O'Reillys as one by one the rest of my dash lights start going off.
Pulled in, killed it, wouldn't start up again and windows were super sluggish/unresponsive. Over the next 4 hours I check all the fuses I can check, get the battery recharged enough to start it and test the alt on the car. It's not charging while on the car, but does charge while on their little testing doohicky. At this point the fuses, battery and alt all test good, so what I'm thinking is the alt isn't receiving the signal that tells it to begin charging, and the only reasons for this that come to mind are open wire, bad ecm or bad connector.

Where on an 07 vert 3.5 g6 is the ecm located and where can I find a pin-out diagram for it?
Also, what wire going into the connector for the alt sends the signal telling it to begin charging - the left or right wire? I already checked the inline fuse - it tested good.

Next three steps are probe for the signal that tells the alt to start charging.
If signal isn't being received at alt end, probe both ends of the wire to determine if it's open internally. If no break, then it's likely the ECM.
If the signal is being sent and the wire is good, then I'm thinking it's a bad connector at the alt - fingers crossed.

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