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For a summary of what's contained below in more detail: Problems starting in the morning unless jumped, then fine throughout day. No clicking sounds, interior electrical all works, exterior lights work fine. Replaced starter, told to charge the battery, charged the battery, couldn't start even with a jump, replaced battery and fuses 31 and 32 and still won't start, even with a jump.

Our car has been having difficulties starting for a week or two. Interior/exterior lights would work, dash lights, radio etc would all work, but the car wouldn't start. We could jump it and have it work just fine. It would start afterwards with no problem, until we let it sit for 4 + hours (such as overnight) and then it would need jumped again. We had a camping trip planned for yesterday, so we decided we didn't want to get stranded in some canyon somewhere, and started troubleshooting.

We took it to Autozone to have the battery, alternator, and starter tested, after jump starting it, and they said everything tested fine except the starter. So we replaced the starter, during which, the replacement starter wasn't the same as the starter we removed. Took it back, and AZ stated it was the only part made now and explained how to modify the wire connector with a heat-shrink adapter to protect it from the elements. We attached the adapter and hooked up the starter. Wouldn't start on its own, but after a jump did just fine. Started multiple times with the new starter.

BUT we were concerned that it still wasn't starting on it's own so went to Checker and had them test the alternator, starter, and battery again. Unfortunately we didn't have them do a computer error code read (and didn't have Autozone either). They stated the battery, starter, and alternator all tested fine, but the batter had a very low charge. The recommendation was to charge the battery with a charger for a few hours. We did so.

NOW the car won't start at all. Period. Jumping does no good anymore. Because we knew the battery had a low charge, and knew it was at least 3 years old, and it was the stock battery, we replaced it to be safe. Didn't change anything. Interior lights still work, radio etc still works too. Read on here that sometimes its a fuse problem and replaced fuses 31 and 32 (starter and crank/run fuses). Still won't work. No error messages were read on the odometer. Lights turned off when we turned the key and came back on after we quit trying.

Any ideas?

We have a very limited budget, living off of student loans/grants and credit... and would really like to avoid going to the shop.

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Have you verified all the battery cable connections are both clean & tight? Check the batt ground strap on the top of the trany.

The transmission range switch or ignition switch are possible suspects but it sure sounds like a batt cable connection issue.

You may not want to hear this, but paying for a professional diagnosis is usually cheaper in the long run. You are at a huge disadvantage trying to find an electrical problem without multimeter skills. The good news is, depending on the diagnosis, maybe you can DIY the repair & save big bucks.

Be very wary of advice you get from AZ or any parts counter person. While their intentions are good, few have much in the way of experience.

A starter is very easy to rule out as bad so I'm curious how they tested it.

I also recommend you get the Chilton Pontiac G6 05-09 book (Amazon around 25 bucks) if you don't have it.

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Service Information 2008 Pontiac G6 | G6 (VIN Z) Service Manual | Document ID: 2335532

#PIC5234: Intermittent No Crank No Start With No DTCs - (Sep 1, 2009)

Subject: Intermittent No Crank No Start with no DTCs

Models: 2008-2010 Chevrolet Malibu

2007-2010 Pontiac G6

2007-2010 Saturn Aura


The following diagnosis might be helpful if the vehicle exhibits the symptom(s) described in this PI.

Intermittent No Crank No Start.

A customer or technician may comment on the above condition. This could be the result of any of the following:

Misadjusted or damaged transmission shift cable. Park Neutral (PN) switch installation or internal failure. Loose or broken battery ground cable to ground stud (mostly on the 3.5L engine on the ground stud on the trans) Loose or damaged cable at the B+ post at the starter.

Follow the below steps to determine the root cause and necessary repair.

Carefully inspect transmission shift cable for any signs of damage. Replace cable if any damage is found.
Check transmission shifter and cable adjustment
In an attempt to duplicate the condition try shifting from any shifter position into the park position carefully, not slamming it in park. After shifting in to park try starting vehicle. If the vehicle does not start unless you push the shifter hard in to park you will need to adjust the shift cable as described (09077A)

Check output from Park Neutral switch to ECM for proper signal. Check all terminals for loose or poor connections at Park Neutral switch and ECM. If all appear okay replace the Park Neutral switch.
Loose or damaged nut/cable at the B+ post on the starter. (PIC5100) If post is damaged the starter will need to be replaced.
Loose battery ground at the ground stud. This issue is mostly been seen on the 3.5L engine, however some cases on 4 cylinder also. Check for loose connection between terminal and stud. Check for poor crimp between the terminal end and the cable. Check for broken cable strands at the crimp which may create high resistance. Replace the ground cable if a poor crimp is found or the cable has any sign of damage. If fastener is loose tighten fastener to proper torque.
Poor terminal connection at ECM or UBEC. Remove and do a terminal inspection and lube as per TSB (08-05-22-009A)
Please follow this diagnostic or repair process thoroughly and complete each step. If the condition exhibited is resolved without completing every step, the remaining steps do not need to be performed.

GM bulletins are intended for use by professional technicians, NOT a ""do-it-yourselfer"". They are written to inform these technicians of conditions that may occur on some vehicles, or to provide information that could assist in the proper service of a vehicle. Properly trained technicians have the equipment, tools, safety instructions, and know-how to do a job properly and safely. If a condition is described, DO NOT assume that the bulletin applies to your vehicle, or that your vehicle will have that condition. See your GM dealer for information on whether your vehicle may benefit from the information.

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