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No mids or lows

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First off I have an 05 G6 Gt sedan with the monsoon system in it. OK so about a month ago i was just driving down the road with the radio on, and all of the sudden my mids and lows stoped. I have no idea what happened. Is there af fuse that controls the differnt sets of speakers? If anyone has any idea what might be the problem or had this happen please let me know!
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same as mine, the 4 door speakers suddenly turned off, now the only speakers that sounds are the front tweeters and the tweeters mounted on the rear speakers above de trunk, i checked the trunk fuse box and apparently everything was fine,¿did you find the solution?
2005 G6 with same issue

Has anyone found a solution?

Checked the amp fuse and it is ok...
you may have a few different possibilities-

1: the speakers blew. (you may think that they just dont go out all of the sudden like that, but with 10 years car audio experience i can tell you that it could happen)
2: the factory amp could have gone bad.
3: output from radio to amp could have gone bad.
4: some other connection came loose, undone or coroded,

to fix start with the speakers pull out your speakers and hook up a test speaker to the wiring if test speaker plays then you have bad speakers. if not put a meter to the speakers and test to be sure should read 4 ohms.
if you get know sound your problem is in the amp or radio check all plugs for corrosion and make sure the are pluged in tightly. if u cant find a solution go to the dealer for a new amp or lookin into changing the system with aftermarket stuff.
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