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First off I don't own a G6 I was working on a friend's 2007 2.4L G6 with 174k miles on it. I was replacing the crankshaft position sensor which was stuck so I had to remove the starter, or at least drop it. I must have hit or slightly compromised the ground wire behind the compressor. I went to go reassemble everything and received the no start no crank error on the cluster and figured it must have been the starter. Replaced the starter and still nothing. I did some research and it appears there is a TSB for the ground wire behind the compressor. I went to check the wire and it completely came off in my hand without even a slight tug. Now of course it might have been jostled by the starter install but not nearly enough to cause it to come out like that. This is not a COMMON ground point or has anything to do with the battery as a lot of people seem to check those points for bad grounds or other electrical issues.

I removed the ring terminal and found out it was pure copper NOT regular metal ring terminals like you have with the battery. This indicated to me how critical of a ground point this was. GM would not have used pure copper ground if it wasn't critical to the electrical system. I had to clean it up and remove the wire ends left then I was able to shift the whole harness, cutting some of the OEM harness connectors to provide enough slack in the loom to make sure there was no stress on the now shortened ground wire. I stripped the remaining wires and then soldered the wires to the copper ring terminal reinstalled and it started right up.

This is primarily for the 2.4L as I have no idea about the 3.5. I'd imagine if you are having any similar issues to check or re-do this point to see if it might solve any related electrical gremlins you might be experiencing. It seems like it's a weak point in the electrical wiring system, it is not hard to gain access to and is well worth checking out. Hand Hood Leg Product Automotive tire
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