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No start

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I turn key all the way and nothing dash lights up needles move bu no crank no start new battery, ignition switch,starter engine harness fuse box all new still no start when I jump with cables it starts but security light blinks 3 times and car cuts off help please 2008 G6 3.5l base thank you
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That is a lot of changes and replacements, making it hard to think through what may be wrong. 1st thing that comes to my mind is where are the jump leads being connected? If they are to the positive of the battery and engine block or chassis, I would be thinking you have a bad ground wire. You could double check this by using a jump cable between your battery ground and to the chassis and then to the engine.

From the service manual, a flashing security indicator signifies unauthorized operation. Are you using a transponder key? if you are I guess it is not being sensed. Hopefully the service manual article will give you additional info.


i am leaning ground also..i always do.. check around your starter for loose ground wire to block. Seems to break alot on these. Is your dash saying error where mileage should be. If so thats a sign of that ground bad along with security light and no cfrank/start.
I found all the ground wires to block and chassis I changed them all out now security light is on and won't go out hahah did the battery check no change I'm stumped I spent 3k on this new motor and don't even get to try it out what do I do next there is 1 looks like a wire but I think it's just a clip for harness would that matter
When you swapped the engine, what PCM did you use? IF you are having a security issue, you may have a mismatched VIN on one of the modules. If the engine is identical is the original PCM available to be used?

It is confusing me that you can jump start the vehicle. For a jump start to make a difference would indicate a power issue. Are you doing somethig different than battery to battery jump start, like forcing power to the starter motor / solenoid?
I get another battery hook it to starter and flip switch car starts but dies 2sec later
I get another battery hook it to starter and flip switch car starts but dies 2sec later
OK, that makes more sense to me.

Did you swap the PCM/ECU with the new engine? Beyond that I would suggest re-reading the OBD II diagnostic codes with a scan tool that can access all the modules. What codes are you getting?
Ya same one I get 446,441,315guy who honed engine block drove it to my house said everything was good I'm stumped maybe my key is broke is there away to bypass the ignition there has to be a way to fix this lol dealership says 600 to
Question does gas tank need to be grounded I was messing with wires and break tc lights went off they have been on forever if gas tank needs to be grounded what grounds it I removed straps and it's up but with tow straps
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