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Ive noticed it b4 but just dismissed it as (thats just the way its) so ive lived with it buuuuutttttt it doesnt seem right, every time i go over a crack or dirt roads with alot of little potholes or even the washboards in dirt roads at a low speed like 5-50 kmh it sounds like the control arms or something is just gonna fall out of the car like there r no bushings in there just metal flopping around. It doesnt really affect the car any it just sounds terrible and u can feel it right through the floor and steering wheel. Any thoughts or same experiences would help or should i just go back to the thats the way it is thought. If ur wondering i got it in march with 94,000 km and it did have the control arms replaced as well as 3 steering shafts i beleive in 08 b4 i owned it, oh and it is a 05 G6 GT.
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