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Nominations for August "G6 of the month".

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Nominations for September "G6 of the month".

I've been slacking on the G6 OTM so I'll try to be a bit more dilligent, sorry!

Nominate any member, except yourself, till the 18th of August, have fun!

here are the rules;
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July 18th!!!! That's my birthday!!!!

Anyways I nominate armoreddemon!

Maybe help lift spirits after that speeding ticket. :D
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Thanks! I framed it. Little sticky note on it says...invest in radar detector.
Hey folks, since I'm so late with this nomination I'm going to put "huerosd" up for August and start the nominations (this post) for September. Sorry for the troubles.
There will not be a G6 of the month for July.
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