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Ok, so here's the story on this engine:

I bought a 2006 G6 GTP convertible for a thousand dollars. The previous owner told me the engine threw a rod (And I believed 'em) so I buy a 2006 Impala 3.9 liter engine from an automotive parts recycler. I install the recyclers engine and the car runs good. End of story. Right?...wrong.

I start inspecting the bad 3.9 engine looking for the thrown rod. But I find they are all in good condition. So I check the cam shaft......maybe it broke, nope. Next I look to see if the oil pump assembly is in proper order, yup, good.

I finally see the damage is a broken timing chain guide. I pull the guide out and it is basically broke in half.

I believe: replace the timing chain guide and the engine will be good to go.

I'm going to pull each of the connecting rod end-caps off and plasti guage them.....see what the specs are.

I've already rotated the engine and pressurized each cylinder one at a time to see if any valves are bent.....no bent valves, each cylinder was capable of steadily holding 150psi of compressed air.

This motor will directly bolt into Impala and Malibu.....for it to fit into the G6, you will need to swap your G6 external motor components onto this engine.

I could keep this engine, but I don't plan on having my G6 very long. Just a quick car flip.
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