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Greetings from over at V6Z24.com!

I don't own a G6, however, I have a 3500 from a 2004 Malibu MAXX (Crank 7484) into my 1988 Z24. Dynoed at 200 WHP and 225 Ft lbs torque running a tune meant for a 3400 and using the OEM exhaust manifolds for a 130 HP 2.8 V6 (headers on the way :) )

Decided to stop by here to get some ideas for the first 6 speed swap into a 2nd gen Cavalier. Currently, I have a transmission from a 93 Olds Acheiva with the HO quad 4 gearing, had to swap the bellhousing and all that fun stuff over, but it's fun I tell ya.


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