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Not happy with my G6

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I have a buddy who has a red 2006 g6 gt and I swear to god its much faster, better response, and overall just quick compared to my 2007 which has mods done to it.

My brothers wife also has a red 2007 g6 gt all stock and every time he rides in my car he says it is way different in shifting etc. There g6 is also much faster and response as well compared to mine. I dont get this..

Does anyone have any adivce or clue of why this is? My g6 just doesn't seem to have the power and stuff like I think it should. Im super disappointed. Let me know any thoughts or inputs. Thanks.
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It's definitely possible hndah8r. I never thought about that. The custom exhaust probably modified the back pressure for a performance decrease.
As a general rule, you can enlarge the pipe diameter of your OEM exhaust system by 1/4- to 1/2-inch to increase your horsepower. However, any additional increase in pipe diameter is likely to decrease your performance; specifically, low end torque.

Delfuego, if you are gonna do that, at least put a resonator on for the sake of sound.
I just don't see how my performance would be that bad because its almost the same set up.
Except for the piping. That's the key.
so all together i would have to pay around 700?

i have heard both the 80 series fllowmaster with and without the res and with out sounds the deepest and gives no rice sound thats what i am looking for. here are the the two vids i saw
with res
Yes. around 680-700 dollars shipped. I think the exhaust sounds perfect with the resonator. Truthfully, after reading all this discussion about exhaust, I would only buy either a Magnaflow or GT-R exhaust for performance reasons. I could not imagine sacrificing performance for sound. I love my torque.
why not flowmaster?
Flowmaster doesn't make a catback system for the G6.
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