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Not happy with my G6

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I have a buddy who has a red 2006 g6 gt and I swear to god its much faster, better response, and overall just quick compared to my 2007 which has mods done to it.

My brothers wife also has a red 2007 g6 gt all stock and every time he rides in my car he says it is way different in shifting etc. There g6 is also much faster and response as well compared to mine. I dont get this..

Does anyone have any adivce or clue of why this is? My g6 just doesn't seem to have the power and stuff like I think it should. Im super disappointed. Let me know any thoughts or inputs. Thanks.
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Its definately your custom Magnaflow exhaust. You'd be amazed as to how much torque you lost by doing a custom job. I was very shocked when I had my custom 2.5" exhaust done, and I thought I had more torque. Its crazy what the mind can make you think just by changing things around.

Your best bet is to get the GTR system or go back to stock. Im sure GT-R can chime in and help a little.
Alot of people go with different setups cause they just want a different sound. Thats a majority of people too!! The other people that actually want an improvement in there exhaust system pay ALOT. GTR system for example is not the most expensive, but it is on the expensive side for the average joe. BUT it does improve performance and throttle response.

So its up to you really. Do you have 650 bucks for the GTR system or do you want to be like the rest of us and do you own cheap thing? I fall in the catagory of doing my own thing, but its biting me in the A$$!!! So most of us are SOL.

Now get this....if you were to go BACK to stock and just get a tuned WAMS PCM, you wouldnt believe how bad you'd beat you buddies 6er. Even without an CAI intake, tho it would help, its not neccessary for a good improvement. This is what I wish I wouldve done. I would like to just go back to stock, but have a CAI and tune and be done.
I hate it. Sounds ok, but as far as performance....eww... I already talked to GTR about this, and have since corrected it, but still miss my stock TQ.
The best setup right now (IMO) is this: race MMIs, lowering springs, GTR exhaust, WAMS pcm, and Crab CAB.

Then later on you can get ported upper and lower intake manifolds and junk.
really up the price, but you got the right idea.
GTR you got my info wrong. I didnt buy a Magnaflow system, I only bought a Magnaflow muffler and made the diameter of the piping to 2.5". I spent about 250 putting all that together. Yes I lost some torque and I thank you for giving me info for getting some of it back. But like I said I can never see myself purchasing an exhaust for 500 or more. Speaking about exhaust, Im redoing my entire exhaust this week. Ive been talking to a bunch of mechanics and we are coming up with something. Will post after completion.

Dude if you get that Razzi kit and the GTR system thats over 2k right there.... and the Razzi's front bumper sits up too high and looks weird...lol. GL.
Oh im def not worried, esp now that I work part time for this local shop called Full Blown Chassis and Paint. They have everything except for a dyno. Luckily the owner is a good friend of my father-in-laws. The only thing he asked in return for doing anywork for me is to help him when ever he needs it. So far its been everyday...lol. Hes also hiring a custom painter / airbrush guy from Nashville, and he asked if he could paint my car to rep the company. So Im gonna keep this 6er around for a little bit to see what other ideas he may have.....
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