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Not happy with my G6

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I have a buddy who has a red 2006 g6 gt and I swear to god its much faster, better response, and overall just quick compared to my 2007 which has mods done to it.

My brothers wife also has a red 2007 g6 gt all stock and every time he rides in my car he says it is way different in shifting etc. There g6 is also much faster and response as well compared to mine. I dont get this..

Does anyone have any adivce or clue of why this is? My g6 just doesn't seem to have the power and stuff like I think it should. Im super disappointed. Let me know any thoughts or inputs. Thanks.
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Here's the problem. Most think that when they go to a 2.5" pipe that they are just increasing pipe diameter by a small amount, but in actuality that's not the case. #1. The factory does not use mandrel bent pipes which means that in some areas the pipe diameter is actually reduced to about 1.5". You take the smallest diameter within the system, and that's basically your max flow. We've cut away some of the suspected factory bends, and got the measurement of 1.5". This is not to say that some will be bigger and some will be smaller, as they are not all the same, but that gives you an idea of how it works.

In most all out high performance cases, bigger is better, but you do need to understand that your g6 is not an all out racer. By that I mean, that it has a certain perameter that it needs to work within in order to pass emissions and offer you the drivability you expect from your daily driver. The other problem is, if you increase your hp in the higher rpms, you generally decrease your torque in the lower rpms, this is why it's important to control the back pressure. Hp is not what makes your car quicker, it's torque. The average G6 is a 3500 lbs. plus car, that is powered by a V6. V6's generally do not put out that much torque, so on a 3500 plus lbs. car, losing any amount of torque is really a bad idea. Having more hp in the un-usable rpms ends up cheating you big time, because you have lost the most important thing (torque) in the rpms you needed the most, which is down low. Torque is what you feel pushing you forward. I can explain how our exhaust corrects the issue even with mandrel bent 2.5" pipes, but I would be accused of trying to sell a system, which I am not. Those that want to know, just have to read what I have written in the past. For the OP, you can regain some (not all) of that lost torque by simply installing a smaller diameter pipe somewhere within your system.
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I did a custom exhaust system because every time I contacted or called about the GT-R I was put on hold and no one would answer the questions I wanted to know. Same goes for through email so I got fed up. Also, I live in MO and they wanted almost $800 (even when I had a $100 discount for being a member). Didn't find this fair at all. I paid less than $400 and I got the exact same muffler. Its a Magnaflow Camaro muffler and I got 3 1/2 tips. Only thing I didn't do was a full system. The stock resonator is still on because I was afraid of the sound. It sounds really good the way it is but maybe I should replace it with new piping..
That is way unfair man. Even our customers in Canada have never paid that much, and most of it is shipping cost plus Canadian customs fees. If you live in either coast average shipping is between $70-$95.00 how do you get $800.00 when the forum price is $599? I have even given members from this forum the same discount, so if they want to chime in please do.

Also, if you were to come to us and pick up the system there is no shipping or handling fees.

P.S we answer every email in a very timely manner, if you call but don't leave a message no one will call you back.
While this has nothing to do with the thread, the above discussion on exhaust is what I have been searching for.

So if I were to buy 80 series flowmasters, minus the res, my car will sound awesome but lose torque? (this being kind of decently priced?) Or I could a magnaflow (dont know how it sounds) and get good performance with decent price. OR I could save up for a while and get a GT-R exhaust and find the ever elusive medium between sound and performance but up the price? Is that accurate?
The GT-R is about $50.00 more than the Magnaflow system that hndah8r went with and then complained about losing torque, which is why he is now looking for something else, and we're about $200 cheaper than the GMPP version. Those are your kit options, from there your option is to put together something on your own, but your chances of having it mandrel bent like the kits mentioned is probably zero, as the machinery that does that is quite expensive and requires regular tooling replacement as they wear with use, making it none cost effective for just about any local shop you'll find. As for materials, most shops use aluminized steel, some by request will use stainless 409, which is quite a bit more $$ and will also rust eventually, if you opt for stainless 304 (the better material) it gets pricey real quick even if you go for the cheap Chinese junk that's out there. If you're just looking for sound and nothing else, I would just remove the factory resonator, if that's too loud for you, use a cheap resonator like the Cherry Bomb.
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GTR you got my info wrong. I didnt buy a Magnaflow system, I only bought a Magnaflow muffler and made the diameter of the piping to 2.5". I spent about 250 putting all that together. Yes I lost some torque and I thank you for giving me info for getting some of it back. But like I said I can never see myself purchasing an exhaust for 500 or more. Speaking about exhaust, Im redoing my entire exhaust this week. Ive been talking to a bunch of mechanics and we are coming up with something. Will post after completion.

Sorry for the confusion. How much will you have on the new, then add that to the old, and then of course hope that you get it right. Remember, you went with what you thought was the cheap route.

Don't feel bad though, you're not alone.

Do yourself a favor, if you plan on keeping the car for a while, don't skimp on materials, or you'll be doing it all over again before you know it.
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