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Not happy with my G6

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I have a buddy who has a red 2006 g6 gt and I swear to god its much faster, better response, and overall just quick compared to my 2007 which has mods done to it.

My brothers wife also has a red 2007 g6 gt all stock and every time he rides in my car he says it is way different in shifting etc. There g6 is also much faster and response as well compared to mine. I dont get this..

Does anyone have any adivce or clue of why this is? My g6 just doesn't seem to have the power and stuff like I think it should. Im super disappointed. Let me know any thoughts or inputs. Thanks.
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I did a custom exhaust system because every time I contacted or called about the GT-R I was put on hold and no one would answer the questions I wanted to know. Same goes for through email so I got fed up. Also, I live in MO and they wanted almost $800 (even when I had a $100 discount for being a member). Didn't find this fair at all. I paid less than $400 and I got the exact same muffler. Its a Magnaflow Camaro muffler and I got 3 1/2 tips. Only thing I didn't do was a full system. The stock resonator is still on because I was afraid of the sound. It sounds really good the way it is but maybe I should replace it with new piping..


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That is way unfair man. Even our customers in Canada have never paid that much, and most of it is shipping cost plus Canadian customs fees. If you live in either coast average shipping is between $70-$95.00 how do you get $800.00 when the forum price is $599? I have even given members from this forum the same discount, so if they want to chime in please do.

Also, if you were to come to us and pick up the system there is no shipping or handling fees.
Sorry. I didn't mean to put $800. It was suppose to be $700. I wasn't happy with no responding e-mails and etc though. I asked simple basic questions as well of what kind of muffler it was. I kept getting response to it being a tuned muffler. I was told by many muffler shops you can't tune a muffler. But maybe its because they wanted my business. I wasn't willing to pay $700 for a bolt on system even though everyone said its a great system. And each video I listened to all sounded different due to their recording device. So I was on my own and did a custom job. I'm somewhat happy with it. I just don't see how my performance would be that bad because its almost the same set up.
What size is the piping suppose to be than so I can at least replace it out where my stock piping is? I didn't do a full system so maybe thats why as well. But I was scared of having a ricer sound.
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