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Hea guys, I'm Nuptup. I've been hanging out on the forums for a while, I did a member introduction a while back, but this is the first time I'll be sharing pictures of anything. I have finished most of the things I want to do on the car and all of the cosmetics have been done, so I felt picture day was a good idea. I'll be making a post soon in the Showcase when I go get some nicer pictures done with my photographer friend. For now, here's my cell phone's best in an over-lit parking lot and some information on what all I have done to her so that the Showcase post can just have eye candy.

Year: 2006
Model: G6 Convertible
Trim: GTP

I purchased the car from my parents at considerably high mileage (201k). IT had been decently maintained to keep it road worthy with no major drive-train work being done. Still drives good enough for me.

Here is everything and anything I can think of to mention in the hopes that someone finds it interesting, or at least as just a record for everything I’ve done to the car for a history of its life.

  • Halo Projector Headlights
  • Stock Taillights
  • Original glass all-around (Plan to get a tint at some point)
  • Stock Panels/Bumpers/Etc (Might do a body kit later on if/when I get my life and finances stabilized.)
  • Gloss Black Paint (Minor Chipping, want to get this fixed and maybe wrap the car one day. But that's a pipe-dream lol.)
  • Stock GTP Rims (Looking for some nice rims, might end up getting an adapter to go from 114.3 to 110 bolt pattern for more availability.)
  • Sumitomo HTR Tires
  • Personalized Vanity Plates
01Front.jpg 02Back.jpg 03Left.jpg 04Right.jpg

  • Kenwood DMX 7706S Touchscreen Radio [Replaced Factory Stock Radio] (Amazon)
  • Metra Axxess ASWC-1 Steering Wheel Control Interface (Amazon)
  • Metra 70-2103 Radio Wiring Harness For Malibu/Equinox/G6 2004+ (Amazon)
  • Metra 40-GM10 GM Antenna Adapter (Amazon)
  • Metra 95-3302 General Motors DDIN 2004+ Dash Kit (Amazon)
  • BATIGE USB 3.0 and 3.5mm Flush Mount [Replaced Cigarette Lighter] (Amazon)
  • Gauge cluster from an 09.5 or 2010 with replaced LED's
  • Random Custom Fit Floor Mats
  • Seats and interior panels are all stock.
07Dash.jpg 06Front Interior.jpg 05Back Interior.jpg

  • Stock Intake w/K&N Filter (Want to get a CRABS, but Lampoon has been gone since before I got here, and my e-mail was never returned from the website.)
  • Stock Exhaust (Currently has the Convertible stock exhaust with the smaller and restricted pipe, going to be replacing it by following Mark's Instructions.)
  • Naturally Aspirated 3.9l V6 (Nothing we can do forced induction-wise, so nothing planned here.)
  • No Tune (Might get a WAMS down the road, but don't really feel like filling up with premium.)
  • Replaced all front end suspension and bought a Megan's Racing strut brace like these.

Things I have done so far not including things above:
  • Replaced Serpentine Belt
  • Replaced Wiper Blades
  • Refinished Headlights to clear them up some
  • Pulled Dent from rear bumper
  • Replaced Heater Core
  • Fixed Blend Door
  • Got Some New Tires
  • Fixed Rear Driver’s Side window regulator with help from here
  • Replaced tail lights with some from junkyard
  • Replace Gauge Cluster and steering wheel buttons with 2009.5 or 2010 to get DIC back using this guide
  • Changed LED's on Gauge Cluster from white to red to match existing LED's
  • Update 3/26/2020 Below
  • Fixed Power Steering Leak
  • Fixed Coolant Cross-Over Pipe Gasket Leak
  • Replaced Water Pump Like This
  • Struggled to get car to not overheat, paid GM to fix it. Could have done it myself with the help from here and here, but I just wanted it done.
  • Fixed my wiper sprayer with this guidance and replacement lines from the junkyard
  • Fixed my transmission leak, now it just slowly seeps which i can live with.
  • 12/27/2019: Purchased from parents @ 201,978 miles
  • 12/28/2019: Titled and registered
  • 1/1/2020: Drove it for a joy ride new years day and noticed it was at 202,024 miles
  • 1/1/2020: Cry because I missed a legendary 202,020 miles chance for 20,20,20,20,20…
  • 3/26/2020: Finally a vehicle I can say that I trust!
  • 5/1/2020: Got it to be reliable after replacing another power steering o-ring.
Planned Mods/Maintenance/Etc:
  • Purchase or Fabricate my own CRABS Intake Setup
  • Might steal inspiration from Torbinator and Tommy and paint my interior pieces (Steering wheel and door handles, etc.)
  • LED Lights all around exterior
  • Paint the engine cover
  • Figure out how/where to run wires for back-up camera (Kind of gave up because it's way more work than I wanted to do. Can't find nice place to run wires from License Plate without taking off rear bumper, which I can't seem to do because of a weird screw/bolt alignment... UGH)
  • Source new seats or get current reupholstered due to wear
  • Take car to Dyno and get the horse-power numbers before taking it to the exhaust shop to swap in coupe exhaust then taking it back to the same Dyno to get a before and after horse-power number so we don't have to rely on our butt-dyno's anymore and have some actual numbers. (I saw so many threads where someone did the swap but didn't have any numbers to back up what their butt-dyno said, and I wanted to be able to provide that math.) Guide Here
  • Touch up the mechanical portions of my roof mechanism according to this page

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Identical to my first G6 but mine had lots of hidden problems
Hehe, trust me, I know all about the hidden problems now. Take a look at my post activity. Dealing with an expensive one currently.... Ugh. That car looks great by the way!

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Looks can be deceiving. You can see the halo projection lamps - really strong hi-beams to avoid all those deer running around.
The wheels came off a Pontiac Solstice. Look really good, but they rubbed when going over bumps, created alignment issues.
Someone rear-ending me and totaling it was the best thing that happened to me.
Found a black 2007 GT conv to replace it.

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Well, she's at the Dyno now, so I should be able to answer the lasting question of "How much HP does the convertible gain from pipe-swapping?" soon.

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Got her back from dyno, made 180 hp to the wheels. Sadly I won't be doing the pipe-swap as I have decided to sell her and go for my dream car. My mom wants her back and offered me twice as much as when she sold her to me. I might barely get more than breaking even considering all the parts and stuff I've put on her, but I'm sure my mom will enjoy all the work I've done with the car. So, I may as well give back and spend the money elsewhere. It's been nice getting to know you all, but I doubt you'll hear much from me around here anymore. It's been fun, I just wish that every other week wasn't a new nightmare with this car. It's a blast to drive, when it will go...

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So far I'm really enjoying it. Thank you all for everything you've helped me do. I really appreciate it!
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