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O2 sensor bad

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I just came back from the shop to get my check engine light look at on my 06 GTP. And my rear O2 sensor is bad. :mad: The mechanics said that it cost around $544 :eek:to replace it. Does anyone have had this issue?
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I had the bank 1 sensor 2 (the rearward most sensor) go out of my 06 GTP 3.9, and I got it for like $80 right from the dealer (AC Delco) and installed it myself. If you were to have a dealer install it I couldn't see them charging anymore then like $200.
I dont have the part number anymore Darin. They first gave me the sensor for the bank 2 sensor 2, and when I exchanged it they did not print me anymore paperwork. But yeah all you do is unplug the old one, unscrew it out of the exhaust, screw in the new, plug it in, sometimes you have to clear the codes for the check engine light (either go to auto zone or unhook your battery for at least 10 mins.) but thats it.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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