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OBD II bluetooth adapter trouble?

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I recently got an adapter (it was fairly cheap, i've heard of other 6ers using it and it working so that was my basis and probably my downfall) off of amazon for about 25 bucks. It came with no paper instructions on syncing or anything like that. Just a disk and the adapter. I plug it into my OBD slot but after further investigation of my pin setup and the location of my connectors, I'm not sure whether my G6 is OBD II COMPLIANT. Its compatible with OBD II scan devices since it has the plug but from what I can tell, compatibility with a code scanner is different than an adapter unit that reads information from the ecu (compliant). I have a 2009 Base model g6. Need info before I go off trying to buy another one... (and yes, i used the search function. i've searched this forum and outside this forum for about 3 hours and have found nothing.)

BASICALLY: Is my g6 obd II compliant? did I waste money on this cheap unit and it will work on a better unit? and what other units do I have access to that I can use the torque app for android with?
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All cars built after 1996 are OBDII. including the G6. It should be working. What problem are you having specifically? Can you connect to the Bluetooth adapter with your phone? Or does it connect but can't read the PCM?
It should work. I bought the cheapest bluetooth OBD device possible, i think i paid $7 online for it. Its been working beautifully. I use the program TORQUE on my android to sync to it. You'll have to sync your phone to it first (assuming youre using your phone) and if you dont know the passcode its usually 0000 or 1234.
i can find the device via bluetooth but no passcode works. 0000 1234 6789 1111, Idk anything else and it came with no instructions either.
Which adapter did you purchase? Surely there's information online regarding the Bluetooth connection. I wouldn't buy a new one just yet. Have you tried contacting the seller?
Aceplusgear CAN BUS SCANTOOL OBD II Bluetooth Diagnostic Scanner ELM327 - Android Compatible - CHECK ENGINE LIGHT CAR CODE READER
Sold by zitrades


This one. I've sent an email an hour ago, so I'll see what it returns from that point. But I've searched for hours and have returned no information that works for this case.
I was reading through some info.
Have you tried taking a look at what's on the CD? It may contain a README file or something that holds the passcode, maybe that adapter (or all of those) have a specific passcode.

Some reviews on amazon say the device would never pair with their phone, it's possible you have a defective adapter.
After digging through all the files, it appears the code is actually one I tried... 6789. So it looks like you're right Cruisin... I have a defective knockoff -_- Now here goes the hassle of sending it back...
That's lame, hopefully it's not that big of a hassle and you get your money back. I use this one:

Cost me $30 on ebay, works pretty darn well.
It does not seem to work on Fords though...

I've been thinking of upgrading to a faster adapter...
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If I remember correctly, mine fails to sync properly when I try to connect on my phone. But it will still connect when I open he torque program on my phone. Perhaps yours is the same.

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have u tried a different car i have that cheap blue one its works my eighty-eight but not my 6 :( i want to get the wifi one for ios
I see a lot of the members have the obd2 wifi/bluetooth scan tools for android. Any of you have one for iphone/ipad? I'm looking to buy one but see so many different ones and mixed reviews such as the scan tool stated it would work with ios but actually it did not. Any help is much appreciated.
From what I remember, most of these utilize a serial protocol over Bluetooth and that serial capability is not available in Apple IOS devices.
I had an iPhone 3 and 4 a while back. I used the same BT adapter I use now with my android. It worked fine with IOS. The adapter is a generic ELM327.

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I did end up buying an Elm 327 for my Ipad and Iphone along with an app called OBD2 fusion a couple years back. It works quite well, especially for the combined price of $28! :D But it does not scan ABS, air bag or tranny issues. I noticed an app based dongle called Bluedriver that does all that and has a ton of great reviews. It goes for about $100 on Amazon (app is free and void of annoying ads) and is Ios and Android friendly. I'm seriously considering purchasing this unit after seeing all the cool features it has. Any of you have this scanner and can comment on how well you like it?
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