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Since I got my convertible I’d kept my eyes open for OEM accessories and in particular, mud flaps. These are useful where I live anyway though my car likely won’t see much mud. In doing research, I found some part numbers for OEM flaps (or as GM calls them, “Mud Guards”) and decided to give these a try.

17800504 – This number came up as a FRONT specific flap for the sedans and coupes but not the convertible. In pictures, they appeared to match the wheel opening and and I decided to give them a try as I couldn’t find any convertible specific part number and I hoped to at least be able to modify them to fit.

12499555 – These came up more than once in my search for the REAR of all models. The convertible wasn’t excluded. There were also mentions of them being for both front and rear, though I was skeptical of this. I bought a pair of these for the rear.

When these items arrived, the ones I’d bought for the front indeed did not fit the convertible as the rocker panels are different from the sedan and coupe. But, I thought I could modify them and I spent a couple of hours working on the right side flap with a utility knife and coping saw. When I was done trimming it, the fit was quite good and it mounted in the normal position utilizing holes that hold the inner fender splash shield in place. I then used cardboard and masking tape to make a pattern so I could modify the left flap the same way. The front flaps are small and mostly decorative, but they will protect a small part of the edge of the wheel well opening from rock chips if nothing else. I’ve attached a pic of the modified right flap and the unmodified left for comparison.

The flaps for the rear fit perfectly as is. Apparently, the convertible has the same rear fascia shape as the coupe and sedan. The instruction sheet that came with them said they’d fit the front too, but they weren’t even close so I don’t know what they were thinking. They’re certainly fine for the rear.

I know these sorts of things are not on everyone’s radar and there's limited interest, but I’m satisfied with how they mount and look. There’s a side view pic of my car with them mounted.

Take care, everyone. - Mark


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