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I have a small oil leak thats been leaking the last 30k miles. Its at 182k miles. I was changing the oil today 5w30. I have to add a quart every 1500miles or so. It ends up on the passenger side bottom of the engine and exhaust pipe and drips a little off the oil filter area. The metal gasket looks clean or not to have any oil on it. Anyone know or seen this before where it would have a small leak on the passenger side bottom of engine and frame rail. I dont think its the oil filter housing gasket as thats a small area. Possibly the front valve cover gasket? Heres some photos. The last photo you can see where oil gets on the lower exhaust pipe, engine and frame rail. Ive noticed that sometimes from a stop you can see some smoke coming from under the hood im guessing the front valve cover gasket to the top of exhaust manifold but cant confirm that. Not that bad of a leak but at 182k miles may need to do the maintenance to it as i plan to keep the car running for as long as possibly.
When changing the oil today it was at 3 quarts that drained into the oil pan. May still have a small amount of oil left in the oil pan but couldnt be too much.
Is it possible it be the timing cover gasket or valve cover gasket? I think possibly the front valve cover gasket. See what you guys think.

Is there a low oil level light as there is a sensor near the oil pan with two wires by it that runs by the lower exhaust pipe. Now with that being said with the oil level sensor unplugged will the low oil level light come on i just want to confirm the sensor is working correctly for emergency purposes and would a bad sensor read faulty low oil level or is it possible for the sensor not work correctly and actually run the car on low oil level.
Im pretty sure its a 4 quarts capacity 3.5l v6 07 g6 sedan.


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