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Oil Life Question

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Being a new owner, I was wondering if you guys/gals go by the oil life computer or the odometer. One garage said to go by the odometer, the computer is only guessing. Same question to another dealer and the answer was go by the oil life computer. it was developed specificly for this task and takes into effect rpms and heat for a much realistic reading of your oil condition. What's your opinion? Thanks:confused:
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marlin60 ~ I've been minding my oil changes by the oil life computer. I haven't done a great deal of driving so the typical 3000 mile rule doesn't apply. Only once when I recently drove cross country did I change before I left & once upon arrival, just for the sake of knowing where I stood from the standpoint of normal city driving. In these instances I used neither method (just common sense). I've a 2005 G6-GT that just turned 31K this morning. No problems from my perspective. Hope this helps...::D:
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