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Hi everyone-

Just made an account because I was hoping to utilize your expertise. My 2007 Pontiac G6 convertible is leaking oil. I didnt realize this until I took it to the dealership to deal with a minor unrelated issue. The tech told me that I had a leak in the oil pan and cranskshaft and quoted a pretty exorbitant sum to fix an issue I didnt know I had. Since then I've noticed a little oil when I back out of a parking spot, but nothing crazy. I probably wouldn't notice it if I wasn't looking.

My question is how severe of a problem this really is and if another mechanic might be able to do it for cheaper. I have driven around for more than a month since the initial quote and am not low on oil so it is clearly not gushing out. I even had the guys at Autozone look at my levels to make sure I was fine. Really not interested in spending nearly a grand right now if I dont have to!

Thanks so much
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