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Ok here a simple question

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Okay here the quetion. Is the G6 still an N-body car :confused: ? I was driving to work this morning and wondering about this. I think it is but just to make sure anyone know for sure.
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S8ER99 said:
No... Epsilon platform
Although accurate it is not really the correct answer to the question posed. :p

The "N" body designation of previous Grand Am, Malibu (now Classic), Alero and....Skylark (LOL) actually shows up as 4th character in VIN of vehicle - carline

The corresponding value for the G6 (and 2004/5 Malibu) is "Z".

So this is the "Z" car platform.

Anyone interested in what characters of VIN mean? Here is a one specific for the G6 and Malibu

First a sample VIN (from a Malibu);

1G1ZT64884F217972 (hope this isn't anyone's - LOL)

Now what each digit means:
1= U.S.A. - country of origin:
G= GM - Manufacturer
1= Chevrolet (2=Pontiac) - Make of vehicle
Z= Malibu/G6 is "Z" carline
T= LS model (Malibu: S=base, U=LT and W=SS new for 2006; G6: G=Base V6, H=GT and for 2006 M=GTP and F=base with 4 cyl )
6= Maxx body (5=Malibu/G6 sedan, I forgot what coupe/convertible are but they are different)
4= Front/Side airbags (2=Front airbags only)
8= 3.5L V6 engine (F=2.2L L4; also forgot what 3.9L and 2.4L are)
8= check digit (calculated based on a formula)
4= 2004 model year (5=2005)
F= Fairfax, Kansas (Assembly Plant, G6's plant in Lake Orion, Mich=4)
217972 = sequence number
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Glad you took it well, I was just trying to ......HELP :)
Well there are other codes that are used by engineers for each vehicle but the closest one analogous to the term N-Body for old Grand Am is Z-body.

In the press you see a lot of term "Epsilon" used because people are familiar with it and it ties these vehicles to their European cousins, the Opel Vectra and Saab 9-3.
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