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Its been a long while, but used to be a member here back in '08 and '09 when I had my 2006 G6, now my 17 year old daughter just bought her first car, a 2007 G6 with 97k on it.

I did some searches, and couldn't find anything in this forum for it which surprised me, and that was on a low beam mod for H11 to H9 conversion (55w to 65w).

Not seeing this surprised me, but the mod itself I have done on two different 2nd Gen Murano's I have owned (and its a quick, cheap and great visibility mod overall), using stock wiring/etc, no drawbacks, only better low beam visibility.

Wanted to find out from all of you if there is any reason why this same H11 to h9 mod would not work, with stock everything, in the G6?


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